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WikiHow: Write a Summary

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WTF I am firstlollol
Summaries, Summaries... Summaries lollollol
Congrats 0xmovva53.06K clap

Thank you so much KAT. It's always a pleasure to see these achievements come out of nowhere on your screen....a true visual delight !!

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Thank you, appreciate the pat on the back!
Cool ... thanks KAT
okay.....finally i am here with this cheevo.
proud owner of 20 summaries.
Great! Thanks KAT!
Really looking forward that summary count display... :)
Thanks KAT!!!
le wild pop-up appeared

thanks Hand_of_Doom568.29K and WyldChyld110.92K for confirming them lollol

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Thanks i got WikiHow: Write a Summary Huge Thanks Hand_of_Doom568.29K & Matrix63.59K

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now i’m on the top of list, who is gonna beat me WikiHow: Write a Summary lollol
Got it! My thanks goes to AM634185 for helping me find them hard to find torrents without a summary coolcool
Thanks kat for this chevo.. WikiHow: Write a Summary piratethump_up

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