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A Date?!? (Boss Rush Part 2)

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Guess what? Its non-canon.

Huh? What?
Oh, hey there readers.
Its me, The writer.
So.. A Dating chapter....
You can guess who is going to date who...
Lets just start this, shall we?

Another wonderful morning..
Well, after the whole ordeal with CORE Frisk..
I think its time for me to take a small break.
Maybe Chara wants to play with me or something..

"Chara! Hey, you awake?"
"ARGH! Del!"
"Knock the door before entering!"
"Jeez! Give me some privacy!"

"Eheheh... Sorry.."
"Anyway, wanna play some games?"
"Actually I-.."
Hehehe.. Here's your second Boss Del...
Oh boy, your gonna hate me for this..

"Chara? What's wrong..?"
"Urgh.. Its nothing.."
"Actually.. Do you wanna go on a date?"

"Yeah, an actual date."
"Chara? I like you as a friend and as a partner."
"But why the sudden interest in me like that?"
"Are you sick?"
"No! I'm serious!"
"Lets go to Grillby's!"

"Chara, stop."
"I don't wanna date you."
"Oh, just this once Dels."
"I promised there won't be anything sexual.."

"Chara... WTF?"

Having fun there Chap?
"Del? What is the meaning of this?"
I manipulated Chara's mind to want to go on a Date with you.
This is your second boss in this boss rush series.
Oh, and she won't go back to normal unless you go on a date with her.

"Bloody hell!"
I start kicking furniture around the house..
A date?!?
With Chara?!?
Has he gone mad?
"Come on Del, lets go.."
"Ugh... Fine...."

If this is the only way to get Chara back to normal, i might as well..."

Grillby's Bar

We arrived at Grillby's bar.
I opened up the door and i saw Sans (regular Sans).
"hey kid, hey chara. how's it going'?"
"Pretty bleh.. Chara wants to go on a date with me..."
"wait.. that kid wants to go on a date with you...?"
"give me a second, i need to tell toriel about this.."
"Sans! Don't!"
"Or else, ill tell Toriel you love her."
"okay... please don't tell her i love her..."
"So don't tell Toriel about me and Chara."
"whatever kid."
"say, sit here, right next to me.."

I sat down near Sans and..
"Uh.. Whoops.. Sorry everyone.."
I farted..
But wait.. I didn't smell anything..
I looked at my chair and there was a Whoopie Cushion on it..
"This is your doing isn't it?"
"hehehe, the ol' whoopie cushion on the seat trick."
"gets anyone anytime."
"Listen Sans, give me and Chara some alone time."

I sat down next to Chara...
We both are looking at each other dumbfoundedly.
"Chara.. Are you sure you want to do this?"

Chara seems to be shaking in her sweater....
I can see her sweating with nervousness..
And i'm just sitting here waiting for her to move..
"Hey, lets order some drinks.."
We ordered some drinks from Grillby.
I asked for a small can of soda and Chara asked for a Chocolate Milkshake.
Well, this "Date" is going swimmingly....

"Um.. Del.."
"What Chara?"
"I have something to confess..."
In my mind, i thought this is not going to end well...
"Okay..? What is it?"
"I.. L-L-...
Oh.. Crap...
Del! Whatever your doing, don't make this f-ing canon!
"L-L-... Like you Del.."
"As a friend... Not as a couple...

"Well, that's fine by m-"
Chara Kissed me!
WTF DEL?!?!?
"WTF? Did you kiss me Del?"

"You kissed me! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?"
"Wait.. Did you snap out of it?"
"Snap out of wha-?"
"Wait.. Are we at Grillby's?"

"Well, you asked us to go here on a DATE."
"Wait.. I asked YOU?"
"Either your insane or The Writer is messing with us.."
"Ill choose the second option..."
"Lets give him a visit..."


Writer Avenue

"His house should be around here somewhere..."
"I think i found it.."
We found a house that is littered with Gaming Goods..
"Yup.. That's his house..."
Oh Crap...
Welp, better go and hide..
*Opens a Portal to another Universe*
See ya later!

"Del! Where are you?!?"
--Empty Silence--
"Did he really escape?"
"Heh...... Lets just go home Chara.."
"I'm too tired to find that brat.."
"Heh.. You said it.."
"Lets go..."

As me and Chara walked away, i took a small look back to his house.
I saw a short glow and nothing.
Heh, its probably just his computer..

Are they gone?
Welp, i guess i better not mess with their lives for a while...
Ill see you guys later..

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Blog: A Date?!? (Boss Rush Part 2)

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Bloody hell, what is wrong with me?!?

I won't speculate lol

Last edited by Kiwiyashi, 1 month ago

Ill be the first to admit.
This is the WEIRDEST story i have ever written...
Bloody hell, what is wrong with me?!?
It's your Hormones kiddo. You'll understand later.
You are a growing boy is what's wrong with you, don't worry, it'll pass lol

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i once had an imaginary date with laura croft when i was younger it lasted about fifteen minutes lol
Wow I can read it. I vaguely remember being young. The first time I dream of a woman I thought it was a religious experience.
Now you got some practice try it with a real human female!
Yeah, okay.
But find me one that won't slap me in the face when i come near her with a knife to avoid contact.

Last edited by TheDels, 1 month ago

Oh you'll want contact, you can be sure of that. You're a teen, yeah? I'm sure biology has not changed since I was a teen, its not that long ago, waking up stuck to the bed is a pain in the ass!titter
Ill make sure its not me who is stuck to the bed....
( Y )/
/| |
/ A \

It's your Hormones kiddo. You'll understand later.
Yeah, everyone's been saying it.

Dear writer, blessed be!
I want more kissing.

Last edited by Trinketbell, 1 month ago

I think ill let Chara comment on this...

You want more Kissing?!?
Go find a book about Kissing!
I am not kissing anyone ever again!
I think you will Chara, once you get the hang of it.
And Delshady...
Well, he might kiss u too.chucklewink
We are just friends!
What is wrong with you?
Why do you want both of us to smooch?!?
Who began smooching?
Who wrote about smooching!
Bloody hell, what is wrong with me?!?

So nothing's wrong with me.
I am only asking for a good romance..
What? I can't ask for happy endings.
Now i cant ask for romance too?
Delshady rejects me everytime..sad
I think i made it clear in the story that neither of us wants to smooch each other..
Also, blame The Writer.
His my alter ego.
Whatever...(grumpy me)

Cool , romantic , hilarious chuckle
"WTF? Did you kiss me Del?"
finally something romantic that we can all relate to inlove

Bloody hell, what is wrong with me?!?

I won't speculate lol

Last edited by Kiwiyashi, 1 month ago

Ill be the first to admit.
This is the WEIRDEST story i have ever written...
Bloody hell, what is wrong with me?!?
You are a growing boy is what's wrong with you, don't worry, it'll pass lol

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