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Alternate Universes

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I think its time for Chara to learn about AU's..
This Timeline may have Chara and i together, but in other's...
It has a lot more different results..
But those Timelines are the ones i'm going to avoid.
I'm just going to show Chara about the multiple AU's of the multi-verse.

"Hey Chara, i just got a call from Error!"
"He said he wanted to show us something."
"Can't you see i'm busy? I'm playing Dark Souls 3!"
"Just come or i'm going to slice that PC in half!"
"Alright! Sheesh!"
When we got out of the house, Error! was there waiting for us.
"Go000od to se3 yo2u 2 hangggggggging about.1.."
"Ya'l22111 Readadadyy,>?"
"Yeah, we're ready"
"Where are we going?"
"Remember that old Timeline that i destroyed when we we're fighting with each other?"
"That is one of the many billions of timelines in the multi-verse"
"I would like to show you how things could have been if you chose a different path."
"While most timelines are different, there are other versions of you that are Good, Bad or in between."
"Error! Can you open up Mafiatale?"
"Yaaaeesss Sususuuure.."

As Error!Sans opened up the gate to that timeline, we saw a world that is a lot more different from ours.
We saw Frisk, Papyrus, Sans and Gaster.
They we're wearing Mafia styled clothing.
"From what i can gather, Frisk is the Boss of The Skeleton Family"

"Maybe its better that we do not mess with her."
"The Frisk in this Timeline is a female, just deal with it."
We dropped down from the gate and walked around a little bit.
"If everything is different, why are they still in The Underground?"
"Even if the Timelines are different, that doesn't mean Core Features are different aswell."
"The Gaster in this universe is very much alive, as you can see."
"But that might not be the case in most timelines because those Gaster's are usually The Royal Scientist"
"This Gaster however, is the former Mob Boss of the Skeleton Family"
"The Papyrus and Sans of this timeline is also different, the Papyrus in this timeline has no hesitation on killing you if you think his spaghetti is trash. The Sans in this timeline is still lazy, but instead of Gaster Blasters. He uses Guns and can mow down anyone that he fights."
"The Frisk in this timeline, as i said before. Is a Female.
But, inside Frisk. Is you Chara.."
"What? I'm inside.. Frisk?"
"Yeah, from what i can gather during my short time here. If Frisk is angry, she will unleash you."
"Also, i think Gaster is in love with Frisk and Frisk is in love with Sans."
"W-.. What..? I am in love with... Sans...?"
"Yeah! Who knew the one person that always kicks your ass in GENOCIDE would be your number one lover? :P"
I can see Chara blushing..
"Hey Chara, you blushing? Just because Undertale Sans always kicks your ass doesn't mean other Sans' are gonna do the same."
"Lets get out of this Timeline, Error! Can we proceed?"
"Ssssssuuuuuererereree...[email protected]!"

As we got back into The Anti-Void, i can hear Chara murmuring things like:
"omg! he loves me..?"
"I feel hot..."

I was holding my laughter..
I cannot believe what i'm hearing.
Oh well, wait until she sees the other timelines..

"You ready for this next one Chara?"
"I don't think i'm raedy after what i just heard..."
"Error! Open up UNDERFELL."
"UuuuGhGh, that Edgeyyyyyy Univerererese?"
Error! opened up the gate to Underfell.
"Don----'t hahahang ar-ooound for lo-ng.. The-sseee guys all L0VE Killlll Ororor Be kilelellled.."
"Wow! Seems like my kind of Timeline!"
"Wait until we see the UF Version of you, Chara."
We fast-forwarded in time to the end of The Timeline.
When Frisk met Chara.
"Greetings Frisk, I'm Chara"
"Is.. Is that me?"

"Yes, yes it is."
"Why am i being so NICE to Frisk?"
"The Underfell Version of you is a lot more nicer person, they are kind hearted and they... Love.. Humans.."
"W-... WHAT?!? I.. LOVE? HUMANS?!?"
"Well yeah, and one more step towards that knife you we're about to grab there will lead to you being stuck in this Timeline FOREVER."
"So please, Let. Go."
"Heeeh... But wait.. If i'm a freaking Saint..."
"What about Asriel?"
"Is he evil?"

"Considering his 'evil' form, Flowey. Is nice..."
"Yeah, his a freaking Dick."
"But what about Mom? Dad? Sans?"
"Surely Papyrus would still be nice?"

"What you just said about Papyrus is EXACTLY...
The opposite of what he is in this Timeline.
You see, his HEAD of the Royal Guard..
Which means, he has a BLOODTHIRST for humans.."

"Uh.. We33 Ne33edd to go nowowow.. I thiinknknk I sensnnse Alphyssss detececing ourr Gate.."
"Whoops! Lets go Chara!"

We closed the gate to make sure non of the Underfell Monsters got into The Anti-Void and enter other Dimensions.
"Wanna see another Alternate Universe?"
"Just one more, then we're done. I want to finish Dark Souls 3."
"Alright, this is an AU that i like to call The 'Erravi-Ending'."
"Remember The True Ending? This Alternate Universe takes place months after that."
"Once a new Anti-Monsters Group began to form, their first attack towards The Monsters is by kidnapping Frisk."
"The Frisk on this timeline is Gender-Neutral, so that means your also Gender-Neutral."
"The Timeline starts with Frisk going home from School when 2 individuals kidnapped Frisk and took them to their hideout."

"The group that kidnapped Frisk is non-other than The Anti-Monster Group, lets just call them Racists."
"Sadly, i cannot show you much of the timeline. I cannot show you how it ends. The timeline just stopped and it appears to be moving slowly."
"Great, can we go home now?"
"I'm getting bored."

"Alright Chara, but say goodbye to Error! first."
"His the one who helped us go through all of this timelines."
"No-oo-o Problemmm.,., Delslsssss.."
"Thanks for being so helpful Error!"
"Yeah.. Thanks.."
"Alright Error! Please open our Timeline again."
"Sur-urrrre Thaining.."

As Error! Opened up our timeline, i heard something in the distant.
It sounded like Code.
It sounded like 1's and 0's repeated over and over.

Maybe just my imagination?

I have a bad feeling about this...

So we got out of The Anti-Void, said goodbye to Error! and teleported to our house.
Chara immediately opened up Dark Souls 3.
"The Game is lagging.."

"Maybe its because you left the computer on?"
"I might need an upgrade.."
"I still got some Gold from The Underground, if we convert that to cash, we might be able to get a strong enough PC to handle games like Dark Souls 3."
"Then go ahead and convert it! I want to finish this game so bad!"
"Can't, its already midnight. I don't think there are any Gold to Cash Converters open at this time and hour..."
"Oh fine! But get it tomorrow, or else ill stab you!"
"Stabbing me will only hurt you, you know i AM faster than you."
"Alright! Alright! Then lets go to sleep!"
"Naaah, i'm gonna watch some videos first."
"Oh, i also asked Error! to open up the gate to The Anti-Void again so i can show you more AU's. There's this one AU i want you to see..."
"Heeeeh.. If we go to The Anti-Void again, will you buy me a PC Upgrade and a bar of Chocolate?"
"If you won't threathen to kill me, sure."
So Chara and i slept.
I slept with one eye open because Chara is close to knives...
Like, REALLY close! She is holding one while she's sleeping!
I think i might need to get a new bed and sleep in another room...

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Blog: Alternate Universes

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I'm guessing this story was too long think

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waveCan't expect a Days of Future Past each time you post .wait Keep em coming learn as you go .think I take it school is out over there. Remember the longer one stays in school the less the work later on. cool
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs says otherwise titter

Long but interesting!

The Matrix has you .
The Matrix is in another Matrix!

46 View's and only a single comment that too from the blogger.think

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I'm guessing this story was too long think
That's a good guess. Less is more.
I agree, i think this was too long.

ETG is currently under hiatus.
I got no inspiration for it at the moment.
So enjoy my adventures with Chara through the multi-verse.

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I'm Pretty Sure you slipped between the wrong molecule on your trip "Home", because , well, I hate break this to you, but Chara has absolutely no idea who you are! And if you doubt the validity of my comments, then feel free to ask Chara. She is, after all, sitting right next to me, which wouldn't be that big of a deal (She's seems like a cool chick), But as of about 20 seconds ago, I had no idea who she was...(Boom!, Head Explodes!)
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