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Enter The Gungeon

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It was Sunday Morning, i was playing the new hit Indie Game.
Enter The Gungeon.
It has that Binding of Isaac feel to it, but its much better.
I would recommend this game, but don't buy it.
The Developer (Devolver Digital) has partnered up with Overkill Software once in the past.
That's a sin that can't be killed off.

So i was playing Enter The Gungeon with a controller, when Chara burst in and said, "Hey Del! Look what Alphys has made! This thing can transport you into the game!"
"Chara! How many times have i told you to NOT SLAM THE DOOR OPEN?!?"
"A bunch of times :)"
"Heeeeh, alright. What did Alphys invent?"
"With this machine, we can teleport to the game your playing!"
"What game are you playing now?"

"Enter The Gungeon, its a fun little Indie Game."
"Alright, let me press this button here and..."
"Wait, Chara NOO-"
As soon as Chara pressed that button, we we're transported into The Gungeon Breach.
*Teleporter Noises*
"-OOO... Huh?"
"Wait.. Are we inside The Gungeon's Breach?"
"Welcome To The Gungeon!"
"Chara, why did you do that?"
"Well you always said you wanted a VR Headset to play VR Games, so why not just make The Game a reality?"
"I want to ask, if we die here."
"Will we die in real life?"
"I have it set to Hardcore Mode, so yes."
"What do you mean you set it to Hardcore Mode?"
"Right here on this PDA, i set the whole thing to Hardcore! So if we die here, we'll die in real life!"
"Gimme that!"

As i snatched the PDA from Chara, i observed the contraption.
It looked like a badass iPhone casing, and there are a lot of options inside the PDA itself.
When i was browsing through, i noticed a "Cheat Menu" option.
I clicked it and it gave me a bunch of options to cheat my way through the game.
I ticked on "Infinite Ammo", "No Reload", "Infinite Health", "Infinite Keys", and "Overpowered".
I also ticked off "Hardcore Mode" because i don't want to die in a game in real life.
"If we're playing, we're playing by my rules."
"Your no fun..."
"I'm not the one who pressed that button Chara."
"Alright, you know how The Gungeon works?"
"Not really, no..."
"How DOES it work?"

"Well, at the end of the Gungeon, there's a Dragun (Yes, the pun is real...) that we need to kill. In order to reach it, we must go through 4 chambers of the Gungeon. Battling 4 Bosses and gaining a bunch of guns and items."
"Got that?"
"Alright, lets ENTER THE GUNGEON!"

Chamber 1 - Keep of The Lead Lord

As we got out of an Elevator that is literally a bullet.
We got our guns and ready to go.
"Is there a knife that i can use?"
"Chara... Its called The Gungeon.. Don't expect Melee weapons any time soon"
"Alright, grab this gun."
"The hell is this?"
"That's a Budget Revolver, i have one aswell."
"It has Unlimited Ammo so go wild!"
On the next room next to the Bullet Elevator, we saw some Cute Little Bullet people Holding guns.
Since this is a game, and it IS called The Gungeon.
I shot each and every one of them with no sense of mercy what so ever.
Chara seems content with shooting these little bullets.
Heh, wait until she meets The Lead Lord himself.
"Having fun Chara?" I said in a joking manner.
"Yeah! Shooting a gun seems to be more fun than just stabbing people in the chest!"
"Speaking of Chests, take a look at what i just found!"
After we eliminated every bullet inside the room, a chest appeard.
I opened it up and got a new gun!
I got "The Judge"
Oh boy! This is one of my favorite Semiautomatics in the game.
Now i'm wielding it like a maniac!
"How come you get a better gun?"
"Because you forced me into this game and i found the chest first!"
We picked up the used bullets these Bullet guys dropped, these things are used as currency in this game.

After tons of Bullets dead and a bunch of rooms explored, we found a Shop.
Since we got a bunch of used bullets, we bought a new gun for Chara and some Blanks.
"What are those?"
"These? These are called "Blanks". They can eliminated every projectile shot at you."
"Or course, this is practically useless because i just remembered we had Infinite Health..."
"So.. We just wasted our bullets."
"Yeah, yeah we did."
We walked out of the shop and travelled deep into The Gungeon.
At one point, Chara fell onto a deadly pit of spikes...
Over and over and over and over again...
"You alright there?"
"Yeah... Just a few bones cracked.."
"Hold on, let me teleport you with the PDA"
Thankfully, The PDA had helpful features when stuff like this happens.
"I thought you we're able to take more abuse than that, considering your a demon"
"Yeah, but even Demon's can get hurt when they fell down to a pit of spikes!"
"Whatever, the next room is the boss room. You ready?"
"Ready as i'll ever be!"

We entered The Boss Room.
In the middle of the room, there was a bird nest and a... Minigun..?
"Is that a Minig- HOLY SH-!"
Suddenly, a Muscular Bird man fell from the sky and grabbed The Minigun.
Holy hell!
Why is he a boss in this Chamber? The boss is suppose to be King Bullet! The Lead Lord!

"Chara, take cover!"
That Bird was packing heat! He was shooting non-stop!
"Be careful Chara, i think he.. Yup! THERE HE GOES!"
The bird flew up and then landed on someplace different, he then began to PUKE AND THROW torpedo's!
"Gah! The hell is wrong with this bird?"
"Del, i'm running out of bullets!"
"What? That's impossible! I set it to Unlimited Bullets!"
"Check the PDA!"
I checked the PDA and it seems like its busted...
Oh crap..
"The things busted!"
"There's only one way, we need to get The Gun That Can Kill The Past"
"Its basically a gun that can shoot us all the way back to the past!"
"Where is can we find it?"
"At the end of The Gungeon.."

As we are being bombarded by The Gatling Gull, we finally defeated him.
His corpse was eaten by a bunch of Raven's.
He dropped a bunch of used bullets though, that can help us with buying stuff from shops.
We also picked up some Hagemony Currency which is only useful for buying stuff on The Breach.
He also dropped The Blobber, a very powerful shotgun.
"Hands off Chara, i love this gun!"
"Why do you always get the good guns?"
"Hey! I'm not the one who pressed a button into a game and got stuck inside it because The PDA breaks easily. Maybe tell me about these kinds of stuff next time so we can be prepared."
We got the gun and a neat little Bullet Trophy with the roman numeral for 1 marked on it.
We entered the room next to the Boss Room and an Elevator Bullet fell down from the ceiling.
We got in and went into the second chamber..

The Gungeon still holds mysteries... The Story will continue..

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Blog: Enter The Gungeon

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It's the weekend, I don't have time to read this. tongue
You're getting good at this Dels. rock
Nice work. thumb_up
Tell Chara I said hi wave

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Great blog.. think it would make a decent anime. Will be waiting for the next room. Use Chara as a shield, since she has unlimited health. Love it! Thanks for sharing!
Yeah, The PDA is busted Forest..
Also, a demon can also die y'know.

"Dels and Chara's Adventure" lol
Hi, Chara! You are the star of the party! rock

Last edited by MoodieMimi, 2 months ago

Maybe i should write a book about that?
I don't know, still undecided.
But an EtG Book is on the way though :)

Well after reading the dialog I indeed wanted to start playing the game again but the grandkids took my computer for a few days. Good blogs my friend.
Oh well, you know where to look if you want the game.

Nice Blog Dels!!!
Never played the game - and might not be able to any time soon - to much winter clean up work around the house for spring (aka wife has "projects"-LOLlol)
But very nice review!!!!thumb_up
I wouldn't call it a review, its more of a Story. lol

I have to admit, even me not being a gamer, your doing ok kid..kudos to ya.. boo
Thanks Grandad

Me and Chara got teleported into a game and got stuck.
We need to find the endgame gun to go back to the past.

You're getting good at this Dels. rock
Nice work. thumb_up
Tell Chara I said hi wave
She'll PM to you hi lol

Very good dels. Your blog is improving day by day kiddo.
loveliness keep it up.
Thank you!

*transporter noises* I LOVE that everyone will know exactly what that sounds like.....

Good work, TheDels...keep writing!!! Tremendous kudos for writing in English...I know how scary it is to try writing stories in your second language. Very Fucking Brave!
Wanna know how i learned English?
Through watching Foreign Channels.
I had a friend who learned English from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I have to watch Norwegian TV with Norse subtitles or I get lost in all the dialects...but yeah, subtitles and the newspaper have been invaluable to me.

Really - thats impressive!!!

rofl nice one dude... I loved it thumb_up
Eagerly waiting for the next episode biggrin
I also plan to upload a book with all the chapters.
Hmm, stay tuned for that.

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