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ETG Ep.2: Gungeon Proper

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Chamber 2 - Gungeon Proper

As we decend inside the Bullet Elevator, Chara was sounding worried.
"Del, what if we can't survive this?"
"What if we die?"
"We're not above the consequences!"

"Hang on Chara, i played this game for days and i think i got the hang of it. When in doubt, Dodge Roll."
"How the hell is doing a Dodge Roll going to help us?"
"According to Ser Manuel (Yes, dumb name). If we dodge roll and time it perfectly. We are immune to any gunfire. No matter how big it is."
"That does not make sense"
"We're in a Video Game, Logic doesn't work here."

As the bullet reached Chamber 2, the doors opened.
We geared up and ready to go through The Gungeon once more.
"The Boss in this chamber is either The Ammoconda, The Beholster or The Gorgun"
"Which one of these bosses are the easiest?"
"The Ammoconda is the easiest, The Beholster and The Gorgun though...
We might need some heavy ammo if we want to defeat those two."
"Del, i'm out of ammo"
"Just use The Budget Revolver i gave you, it has unlimited ammo"
"I thought you said we didn't have unlimited ammo!"
"Your Starter gun always have Unlimited Ammo, i wish i spawned in a more OP gun now that i think about it..."
"Well, i guess i'm just stupid not to think ahead because i thought that The PDA would last forever."
"Whatever, lets go into the next room. Who knows? We might find ammo in there."
"Unlikely, the chances of finding an Ammo Box in the next room right next to the elevator is slim."
"I don't care, we're going to find ammo in the next room. Even if the chances of finding it is very slim!"
"You really are blunt, huh? Reminds me of a Snack Can i used to throw away"

We entered the room next to ours and we saw this huge thing.
I noticed it immediately...
"Oh God! Chara! Flip a table and take cover!"
"What? Why Del?"
"That's... That's... The Lead Maiden!"
"He doesn't seem too threatheni- OH CRA-"
As soon as Chara finishes her sentence, red glowing spikes came out of The Lead Maiden and started to cover the rooms with it.
"Chara! Attack that thing now! Its only vulnerable if the doors on that thing is wide open!"
"You got it Del!"
We sprayed that thing in a hail of bullets, but it wasn't enough!
The doors of The Lead Maiden closed again..
Suddenly, The Spikes that hit the walls are now targeting us as if it we're homing missles!
"What the hell? How is this possible?"
"I told you Chara! Its a game! Logic doesn't apply to games!"
"Remember! DODGE ROLL!"
We Dodge Rolled out way our of the gunfire and we came out clean.
The Lead Maiden is just jumping around trying to move.
"Get in another cover Chara, this thing is going to open up again"
The Lead Maiden then opened up its doors and more red glowing spikes came out and covered the walls!
We then finished The Lead Maiden off, but we we're still far from being safe.
The Spikes then presided to attack us once more.
Just as we thought we we're safe after dodging the spikes, Reinforcements came!
These Bullet people just seems to hate us Gungeoneers.
They come in as if they we're shot in.
I swear i could hear gunfire as each Bullet Kin entered the room.
"Chara, we're surrounded... Should i use the Blank?"
"Just use it! I can't handle these guys"
"Alright... Here goes nothing.."

As i activated The Blank, a huge explosion happened!
It didn't harm me or Chara though, but it elimated every Bullet Kin in the room!
A few moments later, an Ammo Box fell on my head.
"Hey look! An Ammo Box!"
"Told ya we'll find one :)"

"How did yo-?... When did yo-?..."
"Nevermind! Just grab the bullets and go, i think i see a green goblin with a truck filled with weapons in the next room."
"Hold on! I'm grabbing as much as i can!"
"Don't grab too much"

As we entered the room, the green goblin seems to be a Shop Owner.
I see a bunch of Guns and Items that is being sold.
At one point, i saw an M16.
Without thinking, i just bought two of them.
"Thanks for your patronage!" Said The Goblin.
"Hey, Chara! Look at these badass guns i have!"
"Have one, you will need it."
"It alternates between a Machine Gun and a Grenade Launcher"
"Woah! This is neat!"
I also bought a Drum Clip, Double Vision Jugs, 2 Laser Sights, C4's, and a couple of Rations.
"Wow! Where did you get this much used bullets?" Said The Goblin.
"Well, there's this bird with a Minigun. We managed to kill it and grab all of his Used Bullets."
"Wow! You killed the Gatling Gull! That's amazing! You two deserve a reward!"
The Goblin then proceeded to grab something from inside his truck.
"Here, take this."
He then gave me a Com4nd0.
"This is a rocket launcher that can fire 4 missiles at once, ill gladly give it to you if you have the trophy that bird dropped.
I want it for my collection"
I then gave The Goblin The Bullet Trophy with The Roman Numeral for one.
I suddenly feel weaker..
"Thank you so much! Oh, we haven't met yet have we? My name is Trorc! You can find me on The Breach after your done Gungeoneering."
"Nice to meet you Trorc! We really have to go now, thanks for the gear!"
"No problem!"

As we got out of the shop, we explored further into the ruins.
At one point we saw this big guy in armour and packing heat with a large glowing sword that shoots projectiles.
Thankfully, i got my Com4nd0 and shot him until his no more!
"This thing is a beast! We might be able to get through this Gungeon with no problem!"
"Yeah! We'll be home in no time!"
"Oh wait.. I think we jinxed it.."
"Hey Del? Yeah, you. The One typing in this story"
"Can you please, please, PLEASE not make us lose this Overpowered weapon?"
Uuh.... What? How did you..?
"Just please don't take this away from us!"
I can't believe i'm talking to myself and his forcing me to change the story...
Hmm, i need to make this interesting.. I cannot let myself and Chara go through The Gungeon with an OP weapon like that...
I have to get rid of it somehow..
Oh! I know, ill make me stumble and trip! Then ill make myself lose The Com4nd0 and just continue on with the M16.
That should work!

Alright! But if you stumble or fall, its not my fault!

"Thanks, Me!"
"Who we're you talking to Del?"
"Oh, no one! No one at all!"
"Let us continue on through The Gungeon"

We finally found The Boss room.
The Skulls that bursts flames out of its eyes on the entranced opened up and we went inside.
In The Room, we saw a huge monster wielding many weapons.
An Uzi, The Judge, A Com4nd0.
You name it, he has it.
He also has a large eye that can shoot out lazers!
"Well, he will be a piece of cake!"
"Ill just aim this Com4nd0 straight at his eye and we should be good to go!"
Not on my watch Me...
"Woah! This thing is suddenly heavy! Oh no!"
I stumbled and fell! The Com4nd0 fell into a bottemless pit!
"I don't know! The thing just fell!"
Hehehe, Perfect...
"No time to worry about that now! The Beholster is gunning us down!"
We grabbed our M16 and shot that beast over and over again!
But, it didn't die! The next thing we know, the beast shot a lazer ray from his eyes and we need to dodge roll our way out of this mess!
"Chara! Switch to Grenade Launcher mode! We need to shoot his guns out of his hands! Its the only way we can truly damage him!"
"Roger that Del!"
So we relentlessly shot every gun from his hands.
But it was no use! He just grew more guns back!
"Chara give me a Blank! I'm going to throw it inside his mouth!"
"But this is our last one! We haven't found another shop that has Blanks!"
"I don't care! Its our only chance of survival!"
"Alright! Don't miss!"

As i grabbed the blank, i threw it inside The Beholster's mouth!
A few moments later, he exploded!
His eyes burst open leaving a rotten corpse.
2 Pedastals appeared right next to The Beholster.
A Com4nd0 and another Bullet Trophy was sitting there on display.
"Oh boy! Another Com4and0!"
"Can i hold on to it Del? You lost the last one"
"No, because we nearly died since you forced us to go inside a game!"
"Yeah, but now i'm worried. I want to go home aswell. Since your practically clumsy, i'm holding it."
"Hold on! I think i see a tag on this weapon.."
The tag says:
"Hey Me! I want this story to have many tense scenes. I cannot let you have a gun that's so OP it can break the game.
But i noticed that you want it back. So here you go!
Go note though, i nerfed this gun to do 90% Less damage.

"Dels? You alright?"
"Oh i'm fine Chara... Its just this gun isn't very OP..."
"It deals 90% Less damage to our last Com4nd0..."
"Well its better than nothing. If you don't want it, just give it to me."
"Just take it!"

So we took the used bullets The Beholster dropped and went to the room next to The Boss Room.
Another Bullet Elevator fell from the ceiling and we went inside..
We just lost an overpowered weapon..
We might not survive The Gungeon..

The Gungeon still holds mysteries... The Story will continue..

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Blog: ETG Ep.2: Gungeon Proper

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rockOh Dels,Dels,please rescue me.titter
No worries, Dels. If you lose one life, two more left lol

Delshady I have never ever played video games but I liked your writing so far.
It's cute. And Chara you are adorable pixie.
I am looking forward to more. Thank you dels, for writing this..
At last had some time to go through it... as usual enjoyed it a lot ... You are becoming a good narrator, with every blog I see you blooming like a flower titter

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At last had some time to go through it... as usual enjoyed it a lot ... You are becoming a good narrator, with every blog I see you blooming like a flower titter
If you like this game, try out Zombie Party. It's really similar and is a fantastic game!
Delshady I have never ever played video games but I liked your writing so far.
It's cute. And Chara you are adorable pixie.
I am looking forward to more. Thank you dels, for writing this..
Only you would call Chara an Adorable Pixie.
"Chara! Someone thinks your cuuute! XD"

well this good for those who like to play indie games smile
I think you repacked this game aswell right?
Well, it IS an Indie game.
I don't recommend anyone buying it though.
Even though its developed by Dodge Roll, it is published by Devolver Digital.
They used to partner up with Overkill Software.
So what? Devolver is an amazing publisher, they released some of the best 'indie' games from the past years.
Just because they partnered up with Overkill to release some Hotline mask's for PD2 is enough reason to never support this amazing publisher and the dev's they work with?
That's plain stupid.
I have a principal.
Overkill is on my "Hitlist", anyone who helped them in the past is on my "Screw You" list.
[The Principal is your friend.]

Will the people on your Screw You List even notice?

Loved it! Ummm question... the double vision jugs.. is that something only a woman can wear? Or is this something you guys can wear also? And if only a woman.. umm... looking through it may slow you down as you may want to umm... focus it a lot shy.
On the lead maiden.. too bad you did not just stand behind her and let her shoot herself lol
Love it! Can't wait to see what happens in the next room! Keep going!!
Jugs as in Drinking Jugs facepalm
If we drink from it, 2 Bullets will shoot out of our guns at the same time.

The Lead Maiden itself is invincible, which is why we have to shoot its insides.

On the Second Chamber, Me and Chara was given on OP Rocket launcher that we lost since i wanted to make the story have a climax.
Was it as good for you as it was for your story?

Great write.thumb_up
Thanks vahgar biggrin

This is much longer than the preview you sent me...chuckleclap
I said an example of the story, didn't i?

No worries, Dels. If you lose one life, two more left lol

Not in The Gungeon though. :/

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