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Mafiatale - Kill͘ or Be Killed (Pt. 1)

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Chapter 8: K̛͝I҉̨͢L̴̨͘͘͞L̵҉̡̀͝ ̷̢O̷̴͘Ŗ͢͝ ̧B͟͝͏Ę̛ ͞K͡I̛҉̢̀Ĺ́͢҉ĹE̷̵͢D҉̢͜͝ ̶̧(̨P̴͝ą̶͠r͝͝t͠͠ ͟͞1̸̢̧̛)̵̡͟͝

For years, the fight between The Mob Families has raged on.
Our arrival here only added Fuel to the flame.
With The Dreemurr Family on edge with The Mettaton Gang attacking them, With The Mettaton Gang losing Mettaton, With the death of The Napstablook Family, With The Capture of Mettaton.
The whole city is clearly awaiting who is going to make the next move.
When Chara and I came here, all we wanted to do was to kill off a certain anomaly in the Multi-Verse.
C͝O̢͘̕R͏́È̷̢̡͝ Fr̸i̴s̴̸k̸͟
With the help of our friend, Error!
We entered Mafiatale.
At the time of our arrival, the town seems to be already at war with each other.

Everyone is on edge.
No one is without a handgun inside their pockets.
We walked around the city until we met Papyrus.
He mistaken Chara as an Imposter.
Using my teleporting skills, we escaped this predicament...
Only, to be more lost in another predicament.
C͝O̢͘̕R͏́È̷̢̡͝ Fr̸i̴s̴̸k̸͟ has locked our way out of this Universe.
The Skeleton Family kidnapped us and forced us to work for them.
Our first job with them was a simple one, to rob a bank.
Sans and Papyrus was assigned to help us with the job.
But The Mettaton Gang had other plans.
They attacked The Dreemurr Family!
That ruined our plan and Frisk told us to assassinate Mettaton before anything else.
It was tough!
The Mettaton Tower was a tough tower to beat.
But i wouldn't say it was hard...
Before we infiltrated the building, C͝O̢͘̕R͏́È̷̢̡͝ Fr̸i̴s̴̸k̸͟ came to us and decides to make things more complicated.
He had Chara captured!
He had me fight a clone of Error! to save Chara.
At that time, i was sure that it was all over.
Until a surge of power came onto me.
I sliced Error! up until his nothing more than dust.
But when i thought i was slicing up Error!..
I was actually slicing up every guard in The MTT Tower.
At that time, my mind was in another reality but my body wasn't.
Yet, my body still listened to my mind.
So, unconsciously..
I killed everyone in The MTT Tower.
After that, we finally conquered it.
But Mettaton escaped!
His Cousin's family took him and we didn't know where they went!

Thankfully, Gaster. The Family Spy.
Know's of a place that is both impenetrable and abandoned.
Its the only place where Ghosts like Napstablook can hide.
We pitched this idea to Frisk and she wants us to go and attack it from the inside while she waits from the outside, preparing an onslaught of attacks towards The Napstablook's.
We had the help of Toriel, Frisk's Mother.
She is the only one left who can use Magic.
Magic is the only thing that can damage ghosts or scare them away into their corporeal forms.
After that attack, we were sure that we own half of the city.
Mettaton & Napstablook was finally captured.
Frisk now owns half of the city.
But our troubles does not stop there.

The next morning after the attack, Chara and I decided we needed a more roomier room to sleep in.
The room The Skeleton Family gave us was cramped and small.
So Frisk tells us that if we can take control of a MTT Hotel that is still operational, we can have the best room inside it.
Chara and I was excited!
We both like to kill our enemies without MERCY.
So we did.
We entered the Hotel.
I wanted Chara to have all of the fun.
She came rushing in and slicing everyone in her path!
She was becoming more corrupted with each slice.
This happens because of the surge of LV she's getting.
After we took control of MTT Hotel, Frisk congratulates us and says that we can have the best room inside this hotel.
I thought our adventures here in Mafiatale would be becoming more tame.
But i was wrong..
Because Chara was corrupted, CORE͠ ̧́Fr̶̡͞i͏͟s̵͝k̷̢ came in and took control of her SOUL.
He also melted the whole universe so that we both can have our final battle.
I was utterly defeated!
But with my last ounce of DETERMINATION.
I tried to RESET the timeline...
And i did..
Everything was RESET back to the time me and Chara were about to enter The Hotel.
I try to make her not kill as much as before.
To prevent that timeline from happening again, we split the kills.
But i had to kill more to stop Chara from corrupting herself.
Finally, we did it again.
But this time, no ĆO̷RE͏ ҉Fri̢sk...
We got settled in and slept the night out..

The next day, it was a calm morning.
I went to the bathroom and took a bath in the bathtub.
Chara barged in and interrupted my bath.
She said that Frisk invited us to come to her Banquet.
Of course, i said yes.
But not after i pointed my gun towards Chara's face.
When we arrived at The Skeleton Family HQ, Sans and Papyrus was there.
They seem to be conflicted that we didn't invite them on our killing spree yesterday.
But, time is not something we have a lot of so we teleported into The Banquet Hall.
Frisk, Toriel, Gaster and everyone involved in The Napstablook's Family attack was there.
Everything was going great!

We heard a large explosion coming from Mettaton's Room.
Everyone rushed in panic towards his room.
Me and Chara instead just teleported to his room.
Only to be confronted by Mettaton NEO.
The Ultimate Killer Robot.
We tried killing him, but our efforts proved to be useless.
Mettaton NEO has the upper-hand.
He can destroy everyone in this building, RIGHT NOW.
When Frisk and her men shows up, we explained to them how killing Mettaton is near to impossible.
All we can hope for is that we can kill him faster than he kills us...
Which brings us back to the present..

"Oh Darling, you can't kill me..."
"But I, I... I can kill you."
"Revenge is sweet, Sweetheart."
"Especially if i get MINE!"
Mettaton began to fire his Blaster Cannon!
"Careful! That thing packs a punch!"
Everyone went into cover.
Everyone was shooting at Mettaton NEO.
Everyone was in a panic!
"Darling, i think its time for all of you to DIE..."
He pulls out a LV 20 Bomb.
"This Bomb is filled with 20 Level's of Violence."
"I also made it out of Bedrockium.."
"There's no hope for you now!"
He lights the bomb and threw it right at us!
"Del!" Frisk was shouting at us.
"Teleport that thing to a far away place!"
"But... I don't think i have enough energy to come back."
"Oh no Darling, you're not going to do that."
Mettaton shields the bomb.
"Oh, have you forgotten?"
"I am invincible!"
"My Body renders me invincible!"
Mettaton has gone mad!
A LV 20 Bomb can destroy the whole city!
"If that thing explodes, you will have nothing left!"
"You will only destroy the city!"
"Darling, are you deaf?"
"I said i only wanted REVENGE."
"There will be nothing left for you here!"
"If that thing explodes, everyone in this city will perish!"
"Is that what you want?"
"Yes Darling, Yes it is..."

We were running out of time.
Mettaton NEO seems to only want the whole city to die!
There's no more hope! Were done for!
"̢Fȩe͜l̡i͢ńg̸ ̡a ̵bit d̢ow̵n̷, De̕ĺ.̕.͟.̀?"͏
That voice!
"CORE Frisk!"
"What are you doing here?"
"͢S̢i̷nce̛ ̛y̶o͠ur̵ ͟R̴E̕SET,̴ ̸i ̛h͘a̴d ͢t̴o͡ ̧get th҉r͠ough ̷a ̸bun͜ch o҉f ̡tr͜ial͜s҉ ̕a͟nd trib͜ul̛átion͟.͞"
"B̕u҉t̀ i̛ d̡o̧n'̡t ̧w̨ant̵ you t͏o̡ ͘die͜, ̧at͝lea̡st̸..̸.͜ ͝Not̸ ͟in ͡m̡y͠ ̧ha̡nds.̀.͡.͜"
͏"̸So ̢h͝e͟re̢'s̸ ̧the̕ d͝e̷al҉, ill tu̵rn̛ ͟ţha͝t bo͠m̢b͝ ͡i̛nt̸o ̕a dud ̢a̵n̛d͡ ̧yo̕u ̕k͜i̷l̡l Mett̸at̸o͜n ͟N̶E̛O.͡"
̧"͡Soun̶dş gǫod?̨"͟
"Whatever! Just make that bomb fail!"
CORE Frisk began to turn the bomb into a failure, Mettaton NEO doesn't seem to notice...
"Ahahahahah! You will all DIE TODAY!"
I just smiled..
The countdown begins.

Nothing happened...
We shot Mettaton NEO with all of our firepower!
"I think we damaged him!"
"Oh... You are going to regret that.."
Mettaton NEO flew out of the building!

"We cannot catch up to him!"
"Can somebody fly?"
"͞I ̶th͡i͢n͘k ͟i m͡i͞ght ̴b͢e ̕of ͢as̀si̢sţan͏cè.̡.."̢
"̛D̷u͠ring͜ m̕y ti̷m̧e̢ ̢òf̵f,̀ i ̕i̷n͝v̢ent ̵i̧nv̷ent͢ío̷ns ͢th̀at ̀c̷a̵n ̸he͏ļp ̧our ̕f͞am͝i̡ly.̨"
͘"̀Tḩi̡s is̢ my ̧Je͠tp̧ac̡k̀.̛"
̵"͠I͡ts͢ a ̧p͠r̨o̴to͝t̡ype, but ̴ìt ̨c̕an fly.̛"
Gaster gave me his Jetpack.
"T̶his hol͡ds ͘al҉o̷t of̡ ͟fue̢l̵,́ i̡t mi҉g͞h͡t ͞be̶ e͜n̡ou͡g͜h̨ ͏for ͜y̨o͢u͝ ͘to ̛t̡ak͜e d̴ow̧n̢ ͞M̵et͠t͡a̷t̷on̡ N̴E͢O"̶
"Alright, thanks Gaster!"
"Ill show that Robot whose Boss."
"Me." Said Frisk.
I just laughed.
"Del, do you think you will be okay?"
"I think."
"We don't have much choice, this is our only method to damage him."
"You guys try to shoot him from the ground, while i try to destroy him from the skies."
"Wish me luck!"
I flew away using Gaster's jetpack.

The City is glooming.
Everything went dark.
Its also... Raining?
"Alright, Stop."
"Del, why is it raining in THE UNDERGROUND?"
I don't know, and i don't care. Just to add the effects.
"Whatever, lets move on."
Mettaton NEO was armed and ready.
"Darling, Prepare to die!"
"I think its quite the opposite!"
We begin to clash with each other.
Bullets are flying everywhere.
Infrastructure is being damaged left and right!
Everyone is at panic!
The whole city is at CHAOS!
Mettaton NEO charges up for his special attack.
"Darling, my next attack will destroy you and your Family.."
"Hehehehe, as i said. You will only PERISH!"
"Not on my watch!"
I tried shooting into Mettaton NEO's blaster cannon!
"You really think this will damage me?"
"My body renders me invincible!"
"As long as i have power! I AM THE GOD OF THE UNDERGROUND!"
"Not for long.."
He forgot that even though his Power Generators were made out of Bedrockium.
I suspect that his BATTERY was not.
"Wait.. Why didn't we shoot his battery first in the last chapter?"
Don't question The Plot Holes!
I shot his Battery.
Mettaton doesn't seem to notice.
"Are you sure you can kill me Darling?"
"I'm sure i can kill you in an INSTANT!"
More shots were fired!
I tried dodging each one but i got shot!
I was falling to the ground!
I can hear Chara screaming my name.
Chara was glowing with a Red Aura surrounding her, her face melted leaving a black empty abyss in her face.

She launched herself onto Mettaton NEO.
"TAKE͠ ̨T͝ḨI̛S͡!͟"̵


She sliced Mettaton NEO into half.
Was no more...

I was still falling until i was caught by Papyrus.
"Human! Are you okay?"
"Arrrgh... Yes.."
"I think i'm fine.."
I said that while there's a large scar on my chest.
"It will heal.."
"Where's Chara?"
"she's floating up there, but i don't think she's okay."
Chara's red aura is turning into a black aura..
"̡Aha͠ha̸..̡. ͏AHA̧HA͠H͜AH̵A̡H͜ÁHH̢A͠!̸!̢!͟"̶
"OH NO!"
CORE Frisk has taken Chara over once more.
"̶Th̛a͢nḱs͏ ̷fo͜r͟ ̀t͞he ̶bòdy.͘.̡ ̢Char̢a.͏.͟."
"N̡o̸w ͠p͏l҉e͢a͟s̢ę, let ̡m̶e ̀des̨t̵ro͡y̸ t̢h͢is͏ ̵lít͘t̨l̴e ͡BR̡AT!̨"̧
Oh God...
What will i do...?

To be continued....

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Blog: Mafiatale - Kill͘ or Be Killed (Pt. 1)

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That was really funny when counting down for the bomb and then nothing happened lol Good blog!
Doing happy dance.
Mettaton Neo dead.
Delshady dont u dare to kill my sweet Chara.
Or I'll send you my pet unicorns.
I want happy endings...yes

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Great job TheDels25.77K , another great blog!
The countdown was the funniest...
Dels, the plot thickens ... cool
Should i end Mafiatale after "Kill or Be Killed"?
Or... Should i add in more characters?
What I will say is be careful you don't drag a story out too much only because you are enjoying writing it. Stories should have definite ending, otherwise they're soap operas.
Ill definitely end it at some point.
I could even end it after Kill or Be Killed.

Doing happy dance.
Mettaton Neo dead.
Delshady dont u dare to kill my sweet Chara.
Or I'll send you my pet unicorns.
I want happy endings...yes
Oh no, Chara's fine!
"Are you going to kill me off in Mafiatale?!?
"What? Oh.. No! 'Definitely' not going to kill you.."


Yeah and i am the godkiller......hahahahaha
One more thing the convo bet del and chara in this sounds sexy to me it is..

I was falling to the ground!
 I can hear Chara screaming my name.
 Chara was glowing with a Red Aura surrounding her, her face melted leaving a black empty abyss in her face.

Chara's Melty Face

 She launched herself onto Mettaton NEO.
"TAKE͠ ̨T͝ḨI̛S͡!͟"̵

Isnt it...
Oh, you dirty scamp!
Now i have that image stuck in my mind! titter
Hahahahaha....send me chara's number...
Here you go!
+62 666-666-666

You are saved by Papyrus.
But the suspense remains. Will Dels be able to save Chara?
Saving Chara has its Consequences...
After all..
Its Kill or Be Killed.

That was really funny when counting down for the bomb and then nothing happened lol Good blog!
Imagine if it DIDN'T do anything... o-o

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