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Mafiatale - The Calm before The Storm

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Chapter 7: The Calm before The Storm

"Urgh... What a busy day yesterday turned out to be.."
I woke up in our Deluxe Hotel room in The SKT Hotel (Formerly MTT Hotel).
"Ill start the day with a bath..."
I got out of my bed and went towards the bathroom.
The Bathroom has a high-tech Toilet, a warm Shower, and a glorious Bathtub!
"Heh, i think i'll go with The Bathtub.."
I still don't understand why any of these are able to exist..
Still, i'm not complaining..
"Aaaaah... That's just nice..."
It was a relaxing feeling...
"Ooooh.. That helped me cure those bruises.."
"Ohh.. Yeah..."
It was a nice bath, it definitely a great reward for my troubles here in Mafiatale..

It was Chara.

"Hihihi, yes i can."
"But i got some good news to say!"

"Other than you seeing the Rule 34 Version of me, what is it?"
"Frisk, invited us to a banquet."
"Why would she do that?"
"Well, Duh..."
"To thank us for killing every guard in this hotel who may or may not have families."

"Alright, we'll go.."
"But first..."
Chara ran outside as i pulled a gun out of nowhere.
"Alright! Jeez.."

After finishing my bath, i got dressed and we got in our car.
I started the engine and were off!
"By the way Chara, where did you get that letter?"
"Oh? Burgerpants came and delivered it to me."
"Oh? So Frisk decides to make Burgerpants her new Errand Boy?"
"Well, atleast she's not making us do all of these unnecessary work.."
"I just want to kill."

"Isn't that what we have been doing this whole time?"
"Yeah, but not enough.."
"So... A Whole building filled with Men who may or may not have families that we mercilessly slaughter in a massacre is not enough for you?"
"I want to erase their existance Del.. :)"
"Alright, enough talk."
"Let me focus on the road, i think i almost hit an old lady.."

As we finally reached The HQ, we saw Sans and Papyrus at the front entrance.

"NYEH! Hello human!"
"Oh, hey Papyrus."
"I heard you have had quite the massacre yesterday, is that true?"
"Well.. Yeah.."
"I don't know."
"Alright.. Anyway.. Where's The Banquet?"
"oh yeah.."
"the boss said that its below her office."
"you should use that teleporting power of yours to get there fast kiddo."
"Alright then.."
"Meet ya two at the top."
*Teleport Noise*

*Teleport Noise*
"Ah, here we are!"
We teleported into the room The Banquet was being held.
"Ah! There you are!"

"Please, have a seat!"
Frisk seemed excited.
In the Banquet Hall, i saw a bunch of familiar faces.
I saw Toriel (Obviously), Burgerpants (Mopping the floor), Nicecream Guy (Being a Server), and Gaster (Checking Frisk out).
I sat on a random chair next to Chara.
"Now all we need is for Sans and Papyrus to show up..."
We waited for about 10 minutes...
Until finally.
"Sans! There you are!"
"what's up boss?"
"Your late! We were about to start without you!"
"sorry, papyrus is still smack talking me about wanting to kill mettaton."
"Nyooh.. I still want to kill that robot.."
"You will get your chance when he betrays our Truce."
"Now please, SEAT."
Sans and Papyrus sat down.
"Finally, now that we got everyone here."
"I would like to personally give a toast to Dels and his Chara for making us the rulers of this city."
Everyone stood up to congratulate us for our accomplishments..
"Thank you.."
"Its actually been fun working for you guys, i haven't killed so many people."
"But, we can't stay here for long if our friend arrives."
"True, we'll only work for you until our friend arrives and can get us out of here."
"Nyeh.. Well that's a bummer."
"still though kid, were grateful for what you have done for our family."
"͞Ýe̛s̕, t͞ha̵nk̨ ͏you ̶f͝o-"̕
"What the hell?" Frisk ran towards the sound of the explosion.
It came from Mettaton's Room..
"Oh no.."

I could hear Mettaton's laughter from afar.
Everyone was rushing towards his room.
"Quick! Everyone grab your guns and prepare to fire at will!"
Everyone was in panic, everything was in chaos!
Me and Chara decides to go towards Mettaton's room alone.
"Wait! Don't fight him alone!" Frisk seems to be worried.
"Don't worry, we can handle a robot."
Oh.. How wrong was i...

We reached Mettaton's Room.
Chara got her knife ready while i got my guns aimed directly at his cell.
Another explosion happened.
His room was blown open and smoke began to come out.
"Gak! Cough!"
When the smoke began to disperse, we saw him..
"Oh, hello Darling.."
"Like my new self?"
He transformed himself to Mettaton NEO.
A Deadly robot.

"What? How did you...?"
"Its easy Darling..."
"Once everyone left us unguarded, i had Blooky turn incorporeal and bring me my NEO Parts.."
"You are such an annoyance.."
I shot Mettaton with my gun, but it doesn't seemt o affect him.
"Ohohoho! Darling, this is my ultimate form."
"You can't kill me."
His right! His NEO Form renders him unkillable.
But, his NEO form does have a weakness..
"Chara! Keep fighting!"
"What? His invincible Del!"
"But his Battery isn't!"
Chara and i charged Mettaton, trying to make him lose every ounce of energy he has.
Mettaton seems to notice.
"Oh Darling, you think that i would leave myself vulnarable by losing battery power?"
He pulls out a solar panel and he began to recharge.
"Now try to kill me now Darling!"
I tried to shoot his Solar Generator off of him, but every bullet bounced!
"What the hell?"
"Oh Darling, just keep wasting your bullets!"
"My Solar Generator is made out of Bedrockium Ingots."
"The hardest material known to Monster kind."
Mettaton is invincible and we cannot kill him!
At the same time, Frisk and her men arrived.
"Why is he not dead yet?"
"His invincible! We need to destroy his power supply!"
"Ohohohoho Darling..."
"As i said before..."

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Blog: Mafiatale - The Calm before The Storm

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Cliff hanger??! Now I have to get a rope? Don't stop now! fubar
This is not fair, leaving all the Reader's stranded.

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And we were left bereft,
Hanging down the cliff.
Dels your piece is deft
Unsatisfied I'm!(dainty sniff.)
Carry on kiddo..thumb_up
Ahahah! Nice poem lol
Seriously, wait for the epic battle between me and Mettaton.
I think it may be longer than "The Truce, The Massacre & The CORE".

This is not fair, leaving all the Reader's stranded.
As i said before, an epic fight deserves its own Chapter.
Don't worry! Tomorrow, School is closed.
So i have ALL DAY to write down an epic fight.

Cliff hanger??! Now I have to get a rope? Don't stop now! fubar
Hehe, a battle as epic as Mettaton NEO vs. The Skeleton Family deserves its OWN chapter.

"What? His invincible Del!"

U r invincible but if and only if we have a nice cupp of coffee
If you can't guess, the story ends on a cliffhanger.
Its not an error.
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