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The Kickass Bar: The Marijuana Outbreak (KAT Avatar Theme of The Week Special)

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We decided that tonight we head back to The Kickass Bar.

"Finally, it took you a bunch of trips across Dimensions and even Video Games until we could go back to that bar."
"Well, i was bored with the normal stuff.."
"Something weird could be better."
"Uh, Skeleton Mafia's and Violent Bullet People isn't weird enough for you?"
"Hey, i'm talking to a demon."
"So to me that's Normal."
"But profile pictures coming to life? Come on! That must be interesting!"
"Whatever, ill pack my knife so that we won't have to pay."
"And ill pack my guns incase a fight sprung out of nowhere."
"We really are horrible people, aren't we?"
"Well, we did kill a bunch of people in the past.."
"Lets just say we're Normal to each other."
"That's good enough for me, lets go!"
We got out of our house and locked the door.

"Let me get the car."
We got a car! Its a Red Coupe with Air-Condition and a TV inside of it.
"Do you know how to drive?"
"Well, kinda.."
"I don't have a driver's license, but if a cop pulls us over.."
"Ill just show you, sounds good?"
"You want me to do my melty face aswell?"
"Oh! I do!"
I started the engine to the car and we drove off to HTTP Street right on Internet Avenue.
"Wow, this thing drives like a dream!"
I was crashing into road signs and fire hydrants, making them spew water out.
It was a rough ride...

Finally, we made it into The Bar.

We entered it and i smelled something funny...
"I don't like this smell... Makes my head ache..."
Then, i noticed that nearly everyone was a weed.
"Huh? Why is everyone a leaf? I thought this place was populated with different Profile Pictures that came to life!"
We went to the bartender, he was a flaming man with glasses and a Western Bartender outfit.
"Excuse me sir, but why is everyone a weed?"
"Oh? A guy named MisterGaga66.45K turned everyone into Marijuana, he said that this was everyone's theme for the week."
"Personally, i don't like it when he turns my patrons into stuff that smells..."
"Where is he?"
"I don't know, he just came and went.."
"Okay then, we'll talk to the other patrons of this bar."
"Btw, we'll have 2 deluxe cheeseburgers and 2 soft drinks."
"Infuse mine with Blood."
"Whatever Chara."

We sat down in our previous seats, when i saw Dr.Soc.
"Oh hey Doc!"
"Hello Del! Its nice to see you again!"
"Have you realized that your a weed?"
Dr.Soc, a once Scholar Cat is now a useless weed that is a meme of The Internet.
"Yeah, and i do not like it."
"If you find the person that did this to me, can you please tell them to change me back?"
"Sure! We'll do it!"
We sat down and waited for our food..
"Y'know Del... The place seems awful since we last came here.."
"Yeah, i agree."
"This place is practically a Meme hive for Marijuana."
"Say! What if we kill the person responsible?!"
"Isn't that what we usually do anyways?"
"Heh, i'm bored with everything looking the same anyways.."
"Lets find that guy who turned every one into plants."
"Can i slit his throat?"
"No, we're going to do this diplomaticly first."
"Before you go and slice his head to pieces, we need to make this guy reverse everything he has done.."
"Your no fun..."
"Hey! I think we killed enough creatures in the past."
"Maybe something different for a change!"
"Say what you want, but i'm going to solve this without violence for once."
"If he attacks me even ONCE, then you can kill him."
"Sounds good?"
"Try to bait him to attack you."
"Heh, not a chance."

We walked to the outside of the bar until i saw a shady lion..
"Hey, that guy looks suspicious.."
He was wearing coloured glasses, wearing a headphone and smoking... Marijuana?

"Yup, that's the guy."
"Lets chase after him."
As soon as the lion noticed us, he turned into a guy and ran off!
"We can just teleport to him, its that simple."
"Yeah, lets do that."
*Teleport Noise*
"Hold it!"
We cornered the guy in the middle of an alley.
"Where do you think your going?"
"Please don't hurt me..."
"We're you the person who changed everyone into Marijuana?"
"Yeah, i thought it would be funny! A lot of people seem to have agreed.."
"Well.. Me, Chara, a cat named Dr.Soc. and The Bartender says otherwise.."
"If you value your life, will you change everybody back?"
"Alright! Let me get something from my pocket.."
He reached for his pocket and pulled out an AK-47 out of nowhere!
"Chara! Dodge Roll!"
We Dodge Rolled into Safety.
"Come here you punks! I didn't turn those people because they agreed! I did it because i want everything to be Marijuana!"
"Ohohoho, you messed with the wrong couple..."
"Chara, NOW!"

"Alright Del.. I have been waiting for this..."
Chara leaped onto the guy's back and tries to stab him.
She failed.
She was flinged onto the back of the alley.
"Not on my watch!"
"Oh! Your gonna regret that!"
I pulled up my gun and began to have a shoot-out in the alley.
I seem to have successfully shot him.
His HP drained.
"GAH! What is this?"
"Oh, you don't know?"
"To us, this life is a game."
"So everything we do can we played by OUR RULES."
"How is that possible?"
"Because... We are more than just another entity in this game!"
"We're The Main Characters!"

I rained bullet hell onto MisterGaga.
"Gah! Your too strong! Ill need an army to defeat you!"
With 1 HP left, he tried to escape.
"Del! Teleport to him!"
"Can't... Out of juice.."
"Well.. Crap.."
"Lets just run then!"

We ran after him and it seems like he was going back into the bar..
"Stop right there!"
"Okay! I surrender!"
"If i change everyone back.. Will you SPARE me..?"
"Why did i say that in caps?"
Undertale Logic.
"Of course! I will happy if you restore everyone to their true selves!"
As i was pointing my gun towards him.
We got in to the bar and MisterGaga was spraying a weird liquid to everyone.
It seems to turn them back into their real selves again.
"Ah, this place is much better with everyone turned back to normal."
Then, i saw Dr.Soc. who is once again a cat.
"Thank you for turning me back into a cat, here's my gift to you."
He has stacks of books wrapped up in a parcel.
"Oh... T-Thank you.."
"No problem!"
As Dr.Soc. left us, our food arrived.
The Bartender said to us
"On the house..."
As we munch down our burgers, i said something to Chara.
"Look, if we're going back here. Make sure that there nobody is a weed."
As i finished my sentence, a Marijuana Leaf came by.
"Oh.. Your still a Marijuana Leaf? Do you need MisterGaga to spray you to turn you back into normal?"
"Nah, this is my true self."
"Greetings, my name is Nightfly."
"Oh, my name is Dels."
"This is my friend and partner, Chara."
"Its weird that you would want to be a Leaf, why do you like that?"
"I don't know, i just like to be a leaf i guess."
"Anyway, my friend dfblast is there and he said he wanted to say hi and thanks."
"Well... No problem! We just do what we regularly do."
"Use violence to solve our problems.."
"Isn't that right Chara?"
"Rightfully so!"
"Anyway, ill have to say goodbye for now."
"Bye! It was nice to meet you."
"Welp, i think that was enough craziness and weirdness for a day."
"Lets go home."
"Yeah, i'm at the final boss in Dark Souls 3.."
"Lets go home.."

We got out of the bar and entered our car.
We went home only to find a corrupted message..

"Heh, do you think CORE Frisk wrote this?"
"Really? I thought CORE Frisk was done with us..."
"Hmmm.. Ill need to decode this.."
"Go back to your game Chara.. Looks like another adventure awaits us.."
"Great.. We can never be far from adventure, can't we..?
"Yup.. And i think The Writer me isn't going to be happy with this.."
Actually, i'm happy that you guys got the message.
That means i have more stories to tell!

"Yeah, but at the risk of killing us and the risk of you running out of ideas."
Eh.. Ill just take a shower..
"Just end the story already! I need to decode this!"
Alright.. Alright..

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Blog: The Kickass Bar: The Marijuana Outbreak (KAT Avatar Theme of The Week Special)

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Seriously I have no fucking clue what I just read..think
Chara who..?
Ah.. F.itdrunk
Maybe that's coz I am high..yesthumb_up
Is this all to tell us why you don't change your avvy to marijuana? Nobody is forcing you to change it or anything. It's all just for some simple fun!

Anyway, Happy KAT Avatar Theme Week everyone!
Thread: KAT Avatar Theme Weeks #1 - Marijuana
Well, this is kind of awkward.

Maybe I'm not high enough yet.

edit: (two bowls later)
still nothing. Going to have to do more "research...."

Last edited by GratefulDawg, 2 months ago

i'm pretty sure . that you haven't smoke any weed !chuckledulltitter

Last edited by .45cal, 2 months ago

All Comments

When you smoke the herb it reveals you to yourself.”―Bob Marley

Last edited by Tulsia, 2 months ago

Last time I wanted to hide my head in the sand and pretend Harper wasn't our real Prime Minister is when he said that "Marijuana is more harmful than Tobacco and Alcohol." Now that's a statement you'd expect to hear from someone with the IQ of a Retarded Spider-Monkey playing with it's own poop, not the Leader of the GREATEST COUNTRY EVER. Get Over it America. More and more COPS are accepting the FACT that it's not the use of Pot that's the problem. Its being ILLEGAL is the problem. When is the last time you heard about the average guy smoking JUST POT....NO BOOZE DRANK, going home and beating his wife and kids up? YOU HAVEN'T. Almost ALL of Domestic Abuse calls to 911 involve Booze and/or Pharmaceuticals/Hard Street Drugs like Crack/Cocaine, Speed/Meth, Heroin, Barbiturates, and several more, not WEED. How many of you are aware of the many uses the Marijuana and Hemp plant can provide to our economy like Bio Fuels that will run ALL VEHICLES, Plastics that will be BIO-DEGRADABLE, all Paper Products, Food for the World that has the HIGHEST CONTENT of Omega 3 Fatty Acids on this Planet, Clothes that will LAST a lifetime,PLUS it Induces a Medical Term from the 1960's Hippie Dictionary called "The Munchy-EyehTis Condition". Makes then crave JUNK FOOD..... So where is the BAD is the usage of POT/WEED/HEMP/MARIJUANA?
Weed For Dummies Factoid; There is a difference between the 2 plants.

Last edited by IGL00S4SAL3, 2 months ago

you tell em brother, you truckin tell em!! clap

Drugs are bad.. mkay roflroflcrycryroflrofl
In the words of the GREAT Austrian Poet (and Secret NAZI)......................Arnold Schwarzenegger "It ain't a drug. It's a plant."

As usual enjoyed reading it smile... Thanks TheDels25.8K for this series. thumb_up... Looking forward to many more like this biggrin
Who? What? Where? Why? When?

That's my 2¢ & I'm sticking to it.

Last edited by tagslc1, 2 months ago

Interesting I remember a few years back a thread popped up about users having drug related avatars was bad for this site. Users were worried that by promoting drug use and allowing users to get free content was gonna get the site shut down. Nice to see that the community has lightened up a little on this subject. Loved the story by the way
I would totally be down with a nationwide outbreak of marijuana.
shut down mushroom and pot factory so decades ago.. try Commie Cali gov't sanction dope
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