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The Meme War: Recruitment Run #1

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Its been 7 days since MoodieMimi's Capture..
Our cure is almost finished..
But we are lacking in personel..
I'll need to go out to the World and track anyone who may also be immune to this virus.

I grab my tracker with a sample of the immune gene to track anyone who has it.
I leave Chara in charge of the base while i am away, recruiting.
This is going to take a long time..

After 2 weeks of searching, i manage to find a samurai walking about.
According to the tracker, he's immune to the virus.
I come up to him asking if he wants to join The Rebellion.
He said he would.. If..
I can prove that i am a strong enough fighter to be considered a leader.
I accept.
We had a small skirmish.
A small duel, you may say.
But in the end, i defeated the lone samurai.
He said that he is willing to join me.
He introduced himself, his name is Amagai.
We both went into my vehicle and rode off again..

Another 2 weeks has passed, but this time.
We're on a boat.
My tracker is detecting someone who is immune to the virus on an Island called Tonga.
I've been here before, i've been here to save a Zombie Queen from being eaten alive.
When it turns out that she wasn't even being eaten alive, she was the queen of the Island.

We docked ashore and i looked at my tracker to see if anyone is immune.
Right behind the volcano, i found an old man.
He looks like he's a strong soldier.
I asked him if he wants to join my rebellion.
He said yes, and we went off again.

Yet Another 2 Weeks has gone by, this time.
The tracker is leading us into The Kickass Bar..
I remember this bar, its currently in ruins.
But i guess it is now a shelter for whoever's inside this.

I opened the door to the bar, the bar looks like it has been abandoned, ruined.
But i must find the person who is immune to this virus.
I told both Amagai and the old soldier to split-up and find him.
He can't be that far..

After a few minutes of search, we managed to find a Sentient Cat.
I remember this cat, he was one of the first few people i met in the Kickass Bar.
Dr.Soc, if i'm correct.
I asked him if he could lend his Doctoral Skills to The Rebellion.
He is also happy to join me.

So that's 3 people with 3 different skills.
We now have a Soldier, A Samurai and A Doctor.
These 3 would prove useful back at Base.
But just having enough Personel isn't enough for me to defeat The Meme Army.
I'll need to take down their pillars, one by one.

I can take Forestheart, who is the leader of the second division of The Meme Army.
The fifth division is in charge of making the virus.. So i might wanna target Forest first...
CindyKAT and a0b10c110, who are both sergeants of The Meme Army.
They might hold some very valuable information.
I might capture one of them, they might know if their HQ has weaknesses...

We arrived back at base.
And it seems like the morale of the base has fallen while i am away.
Hmm, these guys only live to fight against the Meme Army..
If that's the case, tomorrow we'll raid an enemy Outpost!
Everyone cheered with joy.
I can see the fire burning in their eyes...
Along with the help of the 3 i recruited this past few weeks..
This should be a piece of cake...

Now.. Which outpost should we attack?

Alright then, the plan is set.
We'll attack this outpost tomorrow!

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Blog: The Meme War: Recruitment Run #1

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Welcome amagai20003636 to the cast of The Meme War claptitterrock

The Doctor is here to defeat The Meme Army.

Seems a good time to roll out my favourite meme:

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we only have two divisions this is total bullshit don't listen to this only people over Major can own a division...

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After searching the location where TheDels25.69K supposedly is holding MoodieMimi32.23K (which is a is a stand-in).I've stumbled on a hidden chest.
Upon opening the chest I've made an awful discovery.

TheDels25.69K is evil and created the virus himself.

Becareful for his propaganda C'se he tries to makes it look like he's the good one whilst in the meantime......

Last edited by Mafketel, 4 weeks ago

Ehem, why would i create a Virus that does not benefit me?
And how did you even get in the base?
Listen, i do not have a chest filled with viruses and what not.
If i did, i would be using it to make a cure.

we only have two divisions this is total bullshit don't listen to this only people over Major can own a division...

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Well perhaps the information given by MoodieMimi32.23K after her capture was inaccurate in order to fool the enemy! tonguetitterlol
I am told it was Forestheart who did it and it was false

I felt really old because I had no idea what a Meme was. then I found out and felt even older because I didn't care what a Meme was lol
"A piece of cake?"
The cake is a lie.
Who is the Old man soldier?
Isn't it Obvious?
A very old man.
Some may say he is Older Than God ;)

Seems a good time to roll out my favourite meme:

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Actually many in my army are cats

Victory goes to the one who has no thought of himself.
imageThere is no virus... They have not captured MoodieMimi she is in hiding... and he is trying to mind control and corrupt you I have proof go on The Meme Army Thread and find the conversation it is in photos also just incase you still think he is the good guy she didn't actually take over Forestheart also image

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