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The Try-Outs - DAY 1

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So, today i started my Try Outs for my Final Exam.
It is said that Try Outs simulate the Final Exam.
I woke up around 6:30 AM.
I was late!
Holy Crap was i late!
I got into the Bathroom half awake.
But when i turned on the water, it was freezing cold.
But... How was i still asleep?
Anyway, i took my morning Shower Dump like usual and get dried and dressed.
Got my things packed up and ready.
Called my Ojek (Motorcycle Taxi) and said goodbye to my Father.
On the road, i just listened to tunes after tunes after tunes.
When i got to School, i went to my classroom..
To be surprised that it was empty...
I went downstairs to find out that our class has moved to the 8A Class for the Try Outs..
They we're already handing out exam papers, so i ran!
I got onto my seat as they we're just finished handing them out.
That was close!
You know what pisses me off with Exam Papers?
They use Scanners.
Which means, i have to be PRECISE when i'm circling an answer.
Why does THIS have to be automated with computers when you could just set up a website?
This doesn't make any sense!
This is like Youtube's Content ID system.
Its Automated, Its Flawed and The ones who are taking loss are the users of this system which they are FORCED to use.
Welp, after that realisation that i have to use this crappy system.
I get my 2B Pencil which is the only thing this scanner can read!
So anyways.
The test was Bahasa or Language.
Bahasa Indonesia to be exact.
Its not hard but its not easy.
Most of it is just basic Logic.
So i had a lot of time to sleep after i was done.
After we we're done, we had a short break.
I got some noodles to eat and a drink.
I then went to my Father's Office (Since i have access) and eat at the Sofa.
When the bell rang, we got back into our class.
It was MATH.
I have a hard time understanding it.
So, i just threw the Dice and hope to God that i will do great.
The first few questions..
My mind was a blank.
I didn't know how to solve half of these!
Welp, i am going to stress myself out..
To make myself calm, i try to stay determined by listening to some Undertale OST secretly.
I have a small bluetooth earphone that can make me hear music without the teachers knowing..
Even though i don't understand how to solve a question.
I found a way to solve it anyways.
By overhearing and observing my friends write and mumble.
Which means i can leak some ways to solve some of these questions.
No, i am not cheating by looking at answers.
But i am just observing my friends to find a solution to the questions.
Finally, i got Math beat.
I watched some Comic 8 while i wait.
When the bell rang, i tried to call my Ojek..
But he didn't answer.
So instead, i find a Public Ojek and payed him 15K to get me home.
Finally, after i got home.
My Father said he will be going for Umroh for a couple of weeks.
He is leaving today.
Please pray for his safety.
After that, i went and played more MGS V for more Review Material.
Thanks for reading, there will be a Day 2 and Day 3 of this, so stay tuned!

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Blog: The Try-Outs - DAY 1

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[sarcasm] Could you add a little more detail? [/sarcasm]
Good luck on the exams, I remember them some 30 years ago and dreaded it 2-2.5 hours each one.. thumb_upthumb_up
If you didn't have enough material you should have done one blog on all three days. Just a suggestion. They don't have to be daily ones.
Isn't the 3 S's usually first thing in the morning??
Shit, smoke and a shave.

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What is a shower dump?
When i take a dump whilst taking a shower

I've never liked math, always seemed like a bore, but I've always just naturally been good at it.
Good luck with both these and the final exams Dels thumb_up

Ps. When you cheat, you only cheat yourself tongue
I wasn't so fond of math either, and I was home schooled.

I am praying for your father's safety.
Thank you :)
You're welcome!!smile

Good luck to you, Dels. Yes the blog was really detailed.
Why not talk to Richmondgay then XD
You have one wicked sense of humour smile

Good luck, Dels! wink
Thanks man!

Just go with it. Being pissy never helps. And you have to get the 3 S's in order. What's that? Ask OTG.Stick with the school stuff as there is nothing but work after. But then again if you are taking a taxi to and from school. Oh, well good luck on the
Isn't the 3 S's usually first thing in the morning??
Shit, smoke and a shave.
For me its:
Shit, Shower and Sleep. (In the evening)

Good Luck bro !! Do Your Best.

Seriously shocked
Did you Pay 15k Just to get You home ??
i find a Public Ojek and payed him 15K to get me home
15K as in 15 Rupiahs :P

Good luck and all the best on all your three days of exams.
Its just a Try Out so its a Simulation of the real deal.
And i am already stressed..
Thankfully, you and the KAT community helps me ease that stress.
Since tomorrow is also English, i can relax for a while.
But the day after that is.. Science..
IPA (Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam), or Science as you call it.
I really hate subjects that's all about Remember this and Remember That.
Like Math...
As you grow older all the more things will be remember this and remember that, it's what studying is all about wink

I hope you get to find something fun in all of it. It's not all that bad, I'm sure and just remember how fun it will be when all of it is done and over with yes

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