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something I've always wanted to know please..

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24 December 2014
I'm relatively new to torrents..I've always had a RS account or RG or multi file hosting paid site I've used..Ive been downloading and uploading for a bit now but new to torrents..what I've really never known was..where and HOW do scene contenct get released? I mean where does it come from? who gets it 1st? are there groups dedicated to getting Cams? HD Cams? HC rips ect? is there a standard practice on HOW these get released? do they get released overseas 1st? I've never really cared where I was leeching from..but now I'm trying to give back and make my Plex library's just one of those "hmmm kinda wonder" questions I guess..I see movies that get released 1st overseas..usually have an cam or HD Cam within a week or was just morbid curiosity..if anyone knows the process..please que me in..I didnt wanna google for it cuz Im not using my vpn right now so fire away

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