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I'm new in all this and I'm seeding my torrents but it says that there are no seeders and a few leeches.. what to do?

iKickass will update it eventually, just wait! yes
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Since past few days i'm not able to access http://vision-eliquid.com/ with my mobile network isp name "idea".
i'm accessing right now with my friend broadband connection.

http://kastatus.com/ is suggesting to change DNS server and i tried but its not working..

what should i do now?

i'm sorry i have posted this in another thread...

Use KAT's proxies:
- Kickassto.co
- katproxy.is
other Proxies can be seen in Kastatus.com
Guys, I'm not getting any respond from the operators. When will I get the uploader status?

Just wait, just be patient :)
Posting this won't speed things up.
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