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IdeaBox And Feature Requests - New Category Suggestions

This feature is under review

Cam category section

 in New Category Suggestions

I think we need a section we cam copies can go into would give an easier option when finding a movie instead of it being mixed in with all other formats
Would keep things in order and easy to see / find
to save confusion here when we change torrent there is no cam cat in the sub categories so we have to put it in just movies i want there to be a cam category so just like with hignes movies it will say movies an then sub cat ..cam
this is basically a tool mods use to put movies in the right place so normal users don't see this

59 comments    667 views    Suggested by Species105.49K 2 years ago    
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This feature is draft

More Categories and Genres in Request section (http://vision-eliquid.com/request/)

 in New Category Suggestions


For requesters: their requests are filed into proper categories and thus more likely to be seen by the uploaders who can fulfill their requests.
For uploaders: easier, faster to find requests that suit their capacity.
For general users: more likely to use the Requests section as its versatility and efficiency are significantly improved.


The request section is my favorite place on KAT. But as an uploader, I feel it's very time-consuming to go through all the requests in the Request section or the Request thread in the forum to find the requests that match my favorite genre to inspire my next upload.

Currently, when adding and browsing requests, we only have 10 big types of torrents to choose from (http://vision-eliquid.com/request/)
Whereas we have many more categories and genres to choose from on KAT browse (http://vision-eliquid.com/browse/)

Squeezing many different kinds of material under a big umbrella can be very messy. For example: It would be much easier to have a drop down menu where I can select a specific Cooking category from Book in Requests just like when I browse the torrents in KAT Book/Cooking instead of scanning 100 other book titles to find a cookbook request. It's 1-click vs 10 minutes of eye-straining hunt.

My fellow uploaders no doubt also have their own specialties. Movies, TV, Music, Games, Applications, Books, Anime... all have many distinctive genres from Action to Documentary, Harem to Hentai, Rock to R/B, Windows to Android, Fiction to Magazine...They cover a wide range of tastes that should not be lumped into one big pile like what we are having in Request.

Organizing requests into specific categories and genres will reflect the diversity and resourcefulness of KAT much better.

Thank you for reading and considering this idea. :)

140 comments    897 views    Suggested by MoodieMimi32.41K 4 months ago    
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This feature is under review

Sub-Category Addition to Games -> Add-Ons/DLC/Expansions

 in New Category Suggestions

To help organize the games category even more, I suggest a subcategory under games for Add-Ons/Downloadable Content/Expansions. For all the add-on programs without the full games...could just call it Add-Ons and I'm sure everyone would understand it.

14 comments    83 views    Suggested by Lancelot233.81K 3 years and 7 months ago    
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This feature is draft

New 'Category' for THEME section Instead of Query.

 in New Category Suggestions

My Idea is to add 'Theme' in 'other categories' as category instead of Query.
Reason-there are more than 1000's of torrent related to theme only,
so it will be very helpful if there is also a category for the theme.
(Old Setting) ↴
As we know, Alternatively, we might be able to make a customized
widget using the search option ↴

But when we do,it shows the combination of themes,ebooks,tutorials,etc.
So instead of 'Query' It will be Helpful to have 'category' in which
we can have torrent related to Themes only.

The Current view of the Main Page ↴
After Modification View of the main Page ↴
!!..Thank You..!!

128 comments    483 views    Suggested by LawFlirty63K 7 months ago    
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This feature is under review

New "Applications" sub-categories

 in New Category Suggestions

Live CD; Boot App and OS!

8 comments    31 views    Suggested by JoJo2001832 3 years and 2 months ago    
This feature is under review

Adding a Han section under browse - movies - categories for Korean Films

 in New Category Suggestions

As a Han cinema cinefile I would love to be able to click on a dedicated link for it in the browse section so as to identify the correct film easily.
At present the same name may be attributed to other foreign or domestic films or be placed on IMDB under the Korean and not English version of the films release name. This is further complicated by films being renamed for foreign markets and that some up loaders have made zero effort to inform exactly what the torrent is beyond an initial film name.
This has been done rather successfully and helpfully, for example, Bollywood films.
I'm afraid having an Asian category doesn't work, when you consider it would encompass India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea and the list goes on. At least three of those have cinematic release numbers on par or better with the US studio releases and merit such distinction.
I guess the same argument could be made for Japanese and Chinese film releases too.
Thank you for this consideration.

11 comments    57 views    Suggested by wildbluecelt4015 3 years and 1 month ago    
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This feature is planned

New Category for Videos - Academic

 in New Category Suggestions

I have been uploading videos that are academic tutorials, At the moment there is no category under movies for this so I end up using the EBooks - Academic for the category which isn't correct. So I propose a new Category in the Videos section for Academic Videos.

7 comments    53 views    Suggested by Vortex_Stream4753 9 months ago    
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This feature is under review

Make Comics Its Own Category

 in New Category Suggestions

I've seen a few idea recommendations for adding new genre subcategories to the Book section. As part of that effort and in addition to it, I would like to see Comics broken out into its own category, with a similar set of genre subcategories.

9 comments    107 views    Suggested by RubrumPopulus10.84K 3 years and 10 months ago    
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This feature is draft

Separate category for GFX and related torrents

 in New Category Suggestions

There should be category on the main page where only GFX and related torrents are listed.
Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects project files, icon packs, audio files, plugins and presets etc.

19 comments    256 views    Suggested by Fluck3r28.34K 10 months ago    
79 5
This feature is under review

Start search column for hollywood movies just as columns we have for hindi or japanese

 in New Category Suggestions

start search column for hollywood movies just as columns we have for hindi or japanese

2 comments    12 views    Suggested by jamal83273 3 years and 2 months ago    
79 1
This feature is draft

Foreign Sub-Category

 in New Category Suggestions

I think there should be a sub-category for foreign movies cause I have seen many French, Spanish and many more language movie being uploaded here! Rather than being in "Other" sub-category it should be in "Foreign" sub-category, so that users will also find it easy get foreign movies!

23 comments    206 views    Suggested by H4ckus21.49K 1 year and 6 months ago    
76 0
This feature is under review

Category for Virtual Images of Operating Systems

 in New Category Suggestions

Category for Virtual Images of Operating Systems/ Maybe Virtual Images
For VDK, OVA etc.. Thees images can only be opened with programs kike Virtual Box or VMWARE

10 comments    51 views    Suggested by Vortex_Stream4753 11 months ago    
58 0
This feature is draft

1080p, 720p and 4K(UltraHD) Subcategories for TV Show

 in New Category Suggestions

I think we need a section 1080p, 720p and 4K(UltraHD) for TV Show category which would give an easier option while finding a TV Show of a particular quality which we need.
It would keep things in order and easy to see and find!

16 comments    123 views    Suggested by H4ckus21.49K 1 year and 3 months ago    
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This feature is draft

Graphics & Web designing

 in New Category Suggestions

Can we add one more category to the site so that we can have all the materials related to
Graphics Design: Vectors,Psd,Logo etc at same spot
Web Design: Themes,Plugins etc for wordpress & joomla etc
It would be best to have a different category for them.
Thank You

31 comments    171 views    Suggested by rude_maverick2541 1 year and 7 months ago    
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This feature is draft

Add eBook Categories

 in New Category Suggestions

Allow uploaders to further categorize their book uploads so that users can more easily search book genres.
Genres include:
Children (add age ranges)
Romance - Historical
Young Adult

48 comments    143 views    Suggested by Tigress7184 1 year ago    
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This feature is draft

Create a Release Thread Category for Religious materials

 in New Category Suggestions

This website is officially uninterested in any kind of material related to religious beliefs, including books, stories, movies, etc. The site administration maintains a disinterested stance, and does not encourage (or discourage) the uploading of materials that promote specific religious or political views.
I am seeing an increasing influx of religious materials, ebooks & audiobooks in particular, which promote the Islamic faith. Because the Islamic faith is aggressively recruiting new believers, and promoting it's values & political stance in every part of the world, those who are members here are doing the same here. They are not the only types of member here at KAT, or visitor here either, but they are here in growing numbers, and they are pressing their beliefs and their propaganda (and it IS religious propaganda) on the rest of our membership with increasing frequecy. We have many types of people here at KAT, many athiests & agnostics, many Christians, Buddhists, and other religious groups. The other groups do not promote their Cause anywhere near as often as those who are members of Islam. I am becoming most concerned about the growing flood of Islamic materials on this website, and I believe it will incide conflict and dissention. This material needs to be recognized for what it is, and dealt with effectively. I feel that this material (all religious material, if it comes to that) should be either banned from this website, or curtailed in a category designed for it - in much the same way as XXX-rated films, books and pictures are dealth with. Those are put in their own category, at the bottom of the KAT forum thread contents page. I believe Islamic religious torrents, whether they are books, audiobooks, films or photos, should be identified and placed in their own "Religious Materials" category, and the same could be done with other religious torrents (Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Zen.. whatever). I am quite certain a large number of us here at KAT (athiests, agnostics, and other religious members) would agree with me on this decision. If we do not deal with this growing flood of religious propaganda, we will be inundated. And the quality of our website will decline as a result.

52 comments    312 views    Suggested by Bayfia30.79K 6 months ago    
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This feature is draft

H.265 x265 (HEVC)

 in New Category Suggestions

For all Video categories like Movies,TV Shows,XXX etc..
High Effeciency Video Encoding , successor to H264

15 comments    180 views    Suggested by DigitalDetox16.28K 1 year and 6 months ago    
49 0
This feature is draft

Surround category for music

 in New Category Suggestions

So we can upload and find surround SACD, DVD-A and BD-Audio rips in a separate category.

8 comments    68 views    Suggested by ADHDerby18.23K 1 year and 4 months ago    
47 2
This feature is draft

Music category "Discographies"

 in New Category Suggestions

I propose a new category for Music called "Discographies" which will include torrents of an artist's full.. discography (obviously..).
Requirements for a torrent to be included in this category:

1. The torrent must include all studio albums an artist or group has released as of the date the torrent was uploaded.

2. The artist or group needs to have released 3 or more albums. No point in calling it a discography from a newcomer who has only released 1 or 2.

3. Bonus content like singles, lives, demos etc etc are welcome in the torrent (especially lives), as long as the aforementioned studio albums are included too of course.

16 comments    138 views    Suggested by Psycho22.35K 1 year and 5 months ago    
47 0
This feature is draft

New 'Category' for Documentaries

 in New Category Suggestions

It will be nice if there is a Documentary only category as there are a lot of Documentary torrents being uploaded to KAT , It will be nice addition as it will help a lot of users ( including me ) who are downloading Documentaries mainly. I know there is a sub category for Documentaries in Movies section , but there are Documentaries not made as movies.
Thank You!

51 comments    119 views    Suggested by Master.Thief4282 6 months ago    
44 2
This feature is draft

Hentai as a seperate category tab

 in New Category Suggestions

I like watching hentai as it can be really funny. great character development, solid story line, and some of the best art work you will ever see.

Not all Hentai is hard core porn. Simple bathing scenes, same gender kissing, are just a few of the reasons a film may be labelled Hentai.

Is it possible to put hentai in a separate tab like you do for anime? Just to search through all the porn and other stuff mixed in with XXX (unless you know the title) is time consuming and frustrating. If you are concerned people who are not of age seeing it or mistaking it for regular anime, then label it as Hentai XXX. The tab could be next to the XXX tab or next to the Anime tab.

Even Anime has what is called borderline hentai and ecci, yuri, and yaoi. It also shows nudity, but because they do not show genitalia, or sexually explicit scenes, they are labelled anime. Even if they show something highly suggestive, it will still be Anime but with a tag of Boderline Hentai.

Besides, why stick a cartoon (which is what a lot of people think of them as) in a section that shows real life hard core sex? Mixing it in with that genre, really makes it difficult to sometimes find what we are looking for. Here is something also to think about. The erotic thriller movie known as "Basic Instinct" starring "Sharon Stone", if it was made as an anime, then it would of been labelled Hentai. Yet this movie is not labelled porn, but as an erotic thriller. There are many hentai that are in the same category and are not porn.

Lets stop putting them in with the real life porn please. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

32 comments    137 views    Suggested by Forestheart21.76K 7 months ago    
42 0
This feature is draft

Replace MP3 Subcategory with Lossy

 in New Category Suggestions

With Lossless being a subcategory it encompasses all of the related such as FLAC, Monkey's Audio, ALAC, Shorten and WMA Lossless. There should be a subcategory for lossy as it includes Ogg/Oga, WMA, AAC, MIDI and MP3 among others.

7 comments    115 views    Suggested by AllikBWiN53.62K 2 years ago    
42 7
This feature is under review

3D Section

 in New Category Suggestions

To help users browse easily through 3d stuff
and this 3d section could be divided into :
3d games
3d movies
3d videos
it seemed a good idea to me ..

6 comments    87 views    Suggested by mahranafif176 4 years and 2 months ago    
39 0
This feature is draft

Game Category

 in New Category Suggestions

There should be the option for Games BY Tag!
This way we can search for "Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Racing etc games.
Tags are Following: Action Games, Adventure Games, Hidden Object Games, Puzzle Games, Racing Games, Shooting Games, Sports Games, Girls Games, Retro Classic Games, Casino and Card Games, Board Games, Other Games etc.
Like: image To image

15 comments    107 views    Suggested by mighty_mouse23.89K 2 years and 5 months ago    
35 0
This feature is draft

Stage Artists

 in New Category Suggestions

More & More Stage Show Torrents are being uploaded eg Theatrical,Stand up Comedians etc. However There is no category for those.So maybe a category could be added.

35 comments    119 views    Suggested by DevilsReaper166.07K 1 year ago    
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