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Add picture to summaries

 in General Enhancements

Sometimes, when getting a summary.
The picture won't show up or it doesn't exist at all.
So, i propose a way for users to add pictures to summaries.
So that staff can just verify a summary picture instead of actually inserting the pictures themselves.
Makes summaries look good and give staff less problems to worry about.

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Idea: Add picture to summaries

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im strongly not agreed with this idea

1. Its Make summary lengthy
2. Metadata Have already Image
3. Take A unusual server space for image

(Don't worry i Don't go to dislike idea i just not like it)
No real need. Once the metadata is there a picture automatically is assigned to the torrent.
Something like this?
Idea: Music uploads covers
For summaries.

lol i don't think that the summary is a place for pic
Some summaries come WITHOUT a pic.
So its a nice attachment to see what the torrent looks like (other then reading the summary)

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