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Arrange friend names alphabetically

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It become very difficult when we have 300 , 500 friends to search a friend. So it the names would be arranged alphabetically. Currently on KAT each page arranges according to alphabets and then again starts from first on the next day.

60 comments    415 views    Suggested by JRR_2.1234.24K 1 year and 9 months ago    

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Idea: Arrange friend names alphabetically

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Great idea..And as a suggestion, it would be nice if we could sort by the the time we became friends.

Last edited by KLOSENTAR, 1 year and 3 months ago

I would like to see this idea implemented eventually, but there are so many great idea that I personally would like the KAT team to work on first.
I would support this idea.
If a person has some 300, 500 friends or even more social then things will take sometime (extra) get sorted out.
Splendid idea. It really becomes impossible after some time to keep track of everyone and everything...
I think we should have an option to sort it out as we wish: alphabetically, by the date , by the frequent interaction etc

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Nice, I also wish that I could group friends though. I have a spread sheet for those sort of things
Not just arrange alphabetically, to be able to organize them. Like in the order they were added, etc.
Yeah, sort (and filter?) feature would be a plus and accomplish the suggestion. Sort by alpha, date added, last upload, last download from them, etc.

Last edited by Spoetzl, 2 months ago

or why not have it on alphabetical order in the friends tab along with a search filter , to search a particular friend :)
I was just gonna add this idea if not already on here. Good Idea!
Very helpful.
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