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KAT 'Black Edition'

 in General Enhancements

Sometimes when staring at a screen to long, your eyes starting to hurt caused by the bright white background.
My idea is to make an option (in settings) to switch KAT from white to black.
I just took a random thread and made 2 screenshots!
KAT white edition:

KAT black edition:

It will save a lot of battery power on laptops and smartphones!

11 comments    62 views    Suggested by Bartacus53.18K 2 years and 3 months ago    

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Idea: KAT 'Black Edition'

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green is actually the best for eyes. not sure about battery drain though.

my browser Maxthon has easy to change settings and you can make colors what you want.


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No wonder why my phone always lose batter faster on KAT!
Great idea! smile
I like the idea, especially as a designer who likes to customise and mod everything... but it is kind of unnecessary with userscript tools like TamperMonkey, Stylish, etc.
True, I didn't know that existed before I created this idea! But than again, it would be much easier for noob-ish computer users to just press one button and 'e voila', you've got a black screen!

Anyway, since you mentioned the dark themes:
FAQ: Are there any other color-themes for KickassTorrents?

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Any change in color scheme is an automatic no, sorry
Not a change, but an extra option!
but like I said, change, another option etc it doesn't matter. it's still a no

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Is that a userstyle in your desc.?
If it is, send me the link. ^^

+ for idea. ^^
No, it`s a screenshot of a thread I reworked myself! smile Thnx for liking it!! clap
Simple, yet professional looking. ^^

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