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Replace KAT.CR on "ext.vision-eliquid.com" to the proxy address the user is currently using

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Right in the title there.
I am currently using Kickassto.co to use KAT.
KAT.CR is currently not working for me since Google blocked it.
But, whenever i want to go to an external site.
I have to change the "KAT.CR" on the address to "Kickassto.co"
Which is annoying.
Instead of this:


Change it to this:

It clearly works, then why not just default Proxies to use Proxy Extension Links?

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Idea: Replace KAT.CR on "ext.kat.c... the user is currently using

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You can disable the confirmation-thingies (see attached screenshot). That way, you won't have to change the URLs ^_^

Also, what do you mean Google have blocked vision-eliquid.com?
It is not connecting to KAT.CR for me.
I even tried on other computers.
Is this only happening in Chrome, or other browsers as well?
And do you get any messages, when you try and access vision-eliquid.com?
Still, its better to just change the extension link's KAT.CR to the proxy link.
So users wouldn't need to worry about plenty of things.
I understood that, TheDels25.72K , I'm simply trying to troubleshoot ^_^

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