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Original idea by B1nLaid3n1167 (Which means its not my idea at all.)

This idea stems from my real life work related profession as I am a Marketing and SEO analyst.

Idea No. 1:
Ive been doing some analysis of KAT on overall user experience and torrent exposure. And I have come to the conclusion that users rely too much on the Landing/Home page categories to get a RSS Feed on hot torrents.

Ill give you an example, lets say the new Cap movie Civil War is a hot and trending torrent. User can find out about uploads via two ways.

1. They continuously keep searching in the search box and filter through results/uploads.
2. Find out on the home landing page RSS Feed under the Movie Category.

-This dulls the user experience and people know about stuff in a delayed manner.
-They have to go through a mumbo jumbo procedure to look for stuff.
-Some people dont go past the Home/Main Landing Page. They just see whats on the RSS Feed for each category i.e. Movie, TV Shows, Music etc. If nothing interests them im pretty sure many users just close tab.

Idea Suggestion:
Make a Trending Torrents Button / Page and categorize it so user can view and Subscribe.

Let me explain the Idea with a step-by-step process. Let us use the category Movies for this example.

-Create a Trending Page for most anticipated/most followed movies and make a list.
-Let us use the new Cap America movie as the subject. This movie would be listed under Trending Movies.
-The movie can be placed in the Trending Page pre-release where users can Subscribe to it.
-As soon as a torrent file with the tag name of the movie is uploaded, registered users will be notified. This way they can keep tabs on stuff.

Long Term Implications and Advantages:

-Users can choose to follow/subscribe, according to their preferences, what they want under each category.
-Makes filtering things much easier.
-Less reliance on Home/Landing Page RSS Feeds. They can sub to what they want and just access their personal subbed RSS Feed page to get info on their trending topics.
-User experience enhanced as it allows KAT to be customized and personalized to what they prefer and what they want.

Idea 2

If Idea 1 is too complicated to implement on KAT, then heres another suggestion.

-Make Uploaders to be able to have a following.
-It can be something like Youtube. Users can sub to a particular Uploader.
-Each time this uploader puts up a torrent, the users get notified so they can directly visit the Uploader's page or his Uploads page.

I believe these ideas can strongly impact KAT experience in the long term and make it even grater than what it is now compared to other torrent sites out there.

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