Cheo Yong 2 (2015) (Complete) | air jordan retro 14 purple bred | Toaru Hikuushi e no KoiutaGenre : Adventure, Drama, RomanceSinopsis : In order to uncover the end of the sky, as spoken of in ancient mythology, Kal-el Albus is sent to Isla, an island in the sky. There he attends Cadoques High's Aerial Division, where he enjoys a carefree life with his schoolmates. That is...until a surprise attac...


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Never seen so many VIP's on my status page, thanks for the visit rock
I just realized I never posted on your wall.. shocked
Here's for all that lost time... lol
You are really making amends.....

Blessed be! crycrycrycry


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Thanks to jgpmac8078 :

All live matters biggrin
first day on the job, just drop by to casually show off my new shine


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